Squeezey Brainzz


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1. Squeeze music: suitable for venting tricky toys used by people over 14 years old, squeezing and bursting eyes, funny decompression.

2. Size: 9×8×4.5cm size fits the palm perfectly, squeezing to vent.

3. Material: Made of soft vinyl material, strong elasticity, easy to recover from deformation, and long-term application.

4. Gifts: can be used as gifts to bring joy to friends.

5. Warm reminder: Some people may not accept the appearance of this product. Please forgive us for not satisfying everyone. We have other decompression toys. Please contact us if you need it.

Product description: squeeze eye bursting vent toy, office tricky squeeze, adult decompression toy, squeeze, eyeball pops, funny decompression.

Name: Squeeze the brain, squeeze the brain, the novelty and creativity, vent decompression and tricky office toys (box packaging)

Material: Vinyl

Color: pink

Size: 9×8×4.5cm

Product List: 1×Breaking Eyes


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