Voice Control Face Mask Smart Display LED Glowing Party Mask


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1. Product Information

Battery performance: polymer lithium battery

Screen size: 110*85mm

Input voltage/current: 5V/1A

Charging method: USB interface

Charging time: 3-4 hours

Use time: 8-10 hours

2. Technical- features

·The rated power capacity of this product is 450mAh

·Voice recognition animation function, key switch to switch multiple animation display

·Long-life battery, up to 500 cycles or more

·Use energy-saving, high-power and long-life LED lamp beads

·Charging protection, charging display battery pattern charging status, full charge display.

3. Working principle

Through the human voice recognition simple animation, imitating the lips to speak, enhance the interest of the product.

4. Operation steps

·Long press the switch button for three seconds to turn on, long press the switch button again for three seconds to turn off the power

Gear 1: White mouth、Gear 2: red and white mouth

Gear 3: red mouth、 Gear 4: Pumpkin shake shape

Gear 5: rhythm-、 Gear 6: /

Gear 7: Trump head、 Gear 8: X animation

Gear 9: Pumpkin animation


Voice recognition instructions:

Hello! (smile)、how are you doing (smile)

Yes! (√)、NO! (X)

Bye Bye! (Shut up)、Well! (…) scroll

Good night! (moon)、Good morning! (sun)

Good afternoon! (Sun)、Hey man! (The blue man)

Hey girl! (Purple villain-)、Hey dude! (The blue man)

What’s up! (!!!)、Happy Halloween (pumpkin)

Merry Christmas、Happy New Year (Fireworks)

5. Matters needing attention

·After fully charged, please cut off the power in time to protect battery life

·It is forbidden to use over-charged chargers (such as 9V/2A, 12V/2A, 5V/3A, etc.), and keep safe charging operation

·Do not use this product when charging, so as not to burn the internal charging parts of the LED power supply

·Do not expose this product to rain or moisture

·This product cannot be disassembled at will


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